Frigorífico Bermejo S.A.

FBSA is the northern Argentina main company in this field, having an exemplary industrial plant for beef processing and industrialization, located in Pichanal, Province of Salta.

All processes are certified by the highest productive quality, hygiene and health standards. That is possible due to the incorporation of modern technology and the workforce of almost 300 highly qualified employees working to achieve the Argentine North West Region leadership.

We are part of an ambitious project of industrial livestock development that was initiated in Inversora Juramento S.A., a farm located in J.V. González, Province of Salta, having 50 thousands heads in stock and the challenge of developing a qualified cattle ranch in that area.Today, the Province of Salta, has an exemplary meat processing plant that involves “Cycle I and II of Meat Industry”, healthy approved to export to the most important markets such as the European Community and Chile.

One of the FBSA policy is the commitment with the agro-industrial develompment on the Argentine North West region, having presence in the markets of the provinces of Salta and Jujuy with an own distribution chain, and the above mentioned location for exports.

  • Ubicacion:
  • Salta Capital, Salta, Argentina
  • Frigorífico Bermejo S.A.

  • Administración central: Av. Tavella y Río San Carlos
    +54 (387) 4351 414
    Salta Capital - 4400

    Planta Industrial Ruta 5, Km. 1
    +54 (3878) 493601/2/3
    Pichanal, Salta - 4534

    La empresa en cifras | F. BERMEJO in figures

    Capacidad de faena | Slaughter Capacity :
    9.000 cabezas | heads | mes | month

    Personal ocupado | Working team: 280 empleados / employees

    Cuota Hilton asignada | Hilton assigned quota: 264 Tn.

    Destinos de Exportación | Export destinations:

    Chile, Perú, Bolivia y Mercado Común Europeo

    Titulares | Board of directors: Cr. Luis Trogliero

    Comercio exterior | Foreign Trade:

    Ing. Flavia Royón